Useful Platforms for Learning Programming Online

Modern programming cannot be imagined without consulting online resources, and the era we live in has provided us with various platforms and websites where we can learn programming. All you need is some portable digital device or a computer and a stable Internet connection, and you can dive into the vast catalogue of courses and tutorials which can teach you coding. Here are some bits of advice on where you can get a hang of programming and where you can work on your skills best. 


This website is practical for beginners and teaches you some coding basics. It covers the fields of Web development, computer science, and data science, instructs you how to write codes in the most popular languages, and sets up a stable cornerstone for your career as a programmer. There is a free trial for new visitors, and the good thing about CodeCademy is that it is supported and trusted by technology leaders such as Google, Amazon, the University of California, DailyMotion, and others. After finishing the course, you get the certificate of completed lessons. 


This is a versatile website that suits your personal needs and selects a perfect course for you based on your interests and skills. You can try it out for free for 1 month, and all the classes are categorized into different fields of interest: Animation, Fine Art, Music, Photography, Creative writing, as well as classes on different programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, Python programming, etc. You can also search the programming classes by choosing subcategories of app development, mobile development, web development, data science, programming foundations, and many more. 


CodeSchool offers you more than 50 courses on programming, and it is available only as an iPhone and iPad app. There is a monthly fee from $19 – $29 for the entire site, and it covers all levels of expertise – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Most of the courses will take 2 to 5 hours of your time, and they mostly cover the topics on AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, Git, HTML; IOS, JavaScript, JQuery, and many more. 


This is a website that offers online courses adapted by university courses, and it can meet the needs of beginner and intermediate programming enthusiasts. Attending a course costs approximately $79 and there are occasional discounts for frequent users. The good feature of Coursera is that some courses are tightly scheduled, while others are self-paced. The topics covered by this platform are App development, data structures, and algorithms, game design and development, Python, Scala, JavaScript, etc. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a bunch of online courses for free. If you search Khan Academy for programming reasons, you have to go through one hour of ‘Hour of Code’, while other courses are modelled to follow your own pace. This site is also suitable for beginners and intermediate users, and here you can learn Algorithms, CSS, JavaScript, and many more. 

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