The True Value of Books on Programming – Should We Purchase Them?

Although programmers today mostly rely on online sources, there are still books that discuss the various programming topics and they can be regularly bought in bookstores. Their worth is put into question if we take into account this era of digital communication and online exchange of experiences. The world of programming comes up with innovations every day which are easily found on the Internet, while the books of programming keep the high price. 

What should a good programming book contain?

The programming experts say that a good book on programming should meet two criteria: the first one which refers to the good organization of the book, the clarity of ideas, and which is captivating enough to keep you interested in it; the second one refers to the information it conveys, which should be exact and precise as to suit your current needs in your programming career.

The following paragraphs will reveal how to identify a programming book of high quality and the one which is worth purchasing. 

It has to be engaging and well-organized

As far as recognizing a well-written book is concerned, it should be engaging, skimmable, well-organized, and specifically scoped. An engaging book has a writing style that is conversational and intriguing. A skimmable book is one whose paragraphs vary in size, with illustrations, diagrams, and lists, as well as headers and signposts to mark where you stop. A well-organized book is one with a clear table of contents making a logical sense to the whole story. Those books which are specifically scoped focus on a target group of readers – either beginners, intermediate or advanced programmers. 

How to choose what book to read?

When choosing an adequate programming book, you must also recognize your needs. Before purchasing it, go through it for a few minutes and see whether it provides what you want. Think about a real-world problem you want to solve, create a vision of your final app or product, and then search for the possible solutions in the book. Here, you must have a lot of patience, since this kind of search will take much longer than searching for it online. 

Once you decide to consult a book and purchase it, keep in mind that it is not the only money you will invest. It takes time, critical thinking, constant reasoning, energy, and motivation. These are all the approaches that book reading requires, and these approaches differ from the ones you need for online courses and suggestions. Think about how you can combine the information you can find in books with the tutorials which you can follow online. And a golden rule also applies to purchasing books – you will get the best value if you buy the right book at the right time and at the right place. 

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