Is Khan Academy The Best Place to Learn Programming Online?

We use our PCs and phones every single day in order to stay in touch with our family and friends, we use it for work, and we use it to have fun, whether we like using promo codes similar to Sportingbet Promo Code, or playing video games on Steam. However, all of that would be impossible if it weren’t for something that everybody’s into nowadays – and that is programming. Everybody is into programming and for a good reason, it is one of the best ways to go forward in life. Computers are the future and there will be all sorts of programming necessary in the future. One might say, at some point, programming will most likely be one of the basic things that should be known.

Learning programming online is one of the best ways to approach this topic. There are a plethora of courses and guides, but most of them cost money. Khan Academy is known as a non profit site with plenty of courses that deal with various topics. They, of course, have a course which has to do with computer programming. 

Does that make Khan Academy one of the best places to learn programming online? Well, no. Here is why.

The Course Itself is Just a Couple of Languages

When you look at the plan of the course, you see that most of the course deals with HTML and CSS and some Javascript. Of the three, Javascript can only be classified as a programming language. The other thing that the course briefly touches upon is SQL, which is good, yet just one of the many languages that the course could be dealing with.

Since most people start off in web development and web design, HTML, CSS and JS make sense. However, some people want to work as back-end developers. Others want to learn low level programming and this is impossible with the course at Khan Academy. 

If web design and development basics are what you want to learn, then the Khan Academy course is a good place to start.

Other Free Courses Are Great

The internet is full of great courses that you can find for free if you use search engines for a bit. They might not be as structured as what you can find on the sites where you have to pay for the courses, but you will still be able to learn languages such as C, C++, C#, PHP, Java and others. All of these languages are more complex in a sense than Javascript and definitely HTML, and allow the programmer to work in other fields of development.

Khan Academy limits itself to a single course, though for a non profit organization, having a complete and organized course is commendable.

Tutorials on YouTube

When courses cannot be found, the next best thing to look for is YouTube courses. There are plenty of tutorials on all sorts of programming types, languages and problems. You will likely be able to find anything from kernel level programming to changing elements on a web page. 

YouTube tutorials are not organized and often lack any real structure unless the instructor is very good and dedicated, but, you can find what you want to get started, or even to learn some advanced features and possibilities of a language.

Paid Courses

When everything else fails, paid courses are the way to go. They are paid for a reason and some will likely be far better than what you can expect to find for free. These courses cover topics in detail and will be a good stepping stone for learning how to code and work within a certain programming language’s domain.

Khan Academy is not the best place online to learn programming, but it is a good place to start if you want to learn web design.

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