Revealing All the Secrets of Coding Forums

Although forums can be regarded as a thing of the past, they are still present online and they can seem pretty useful in terms of programming and coding. The informational organization and the topic discussions are not managed best, yet programmers seem to use them for exchanging experiences and collaboration. The most reliable ones are those which are active as of today since the branch of programming is spreading quickly and forces you to stay updated all the time. All you need to know about the coding forums is explained in the following paragraphs. 

Stack Overflow

This is the first forum that programmers turn to, and its purpose is not only saving time while searching for a solution but also building a career. The more you are active here, the better reputation you build up and the forum unlocks certain features which are not available to less passive users, like voting, commenting, or editing posts. This also applies to searching for a job, and it is common that Stack Overflow finds perfect matches between developers and employers. The most discussed topics here are Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Android, Phyton, and HTML. 


Reddit targets topics other than programming, yet it is another forum that programmers prefer to search for help. The evidence of it is a large community of around 1,8 million software developers who discuss coding on a daily basis. A great feature of Reddit is that it allows users to upvote and downvote certain posts, which brings a better quality of answers and helps you find the right one. Reddit mostly covers the topics on C++, AndroidDev, and GaveDev. 


This forum is practical for programming beginners, and it provides them with bits of practical advice, code analysis, and good examples of masters. The programming professionals are constantly present, and they are open to helping beginners in solving problems and in building up their skills. Once the beginners make progress and gain experience, they can always turn to WebmasterWorld for additional knowledge. 

Google Groups

Google Groups is yet another forum for beginners at programming, where they can find a suitable group and like-minded colleagues to exchange experiences. A useful feature provided by Google Groups is allowing users to organize events and to look for members with common interests. These groups are divided into categories, so, as a programmer, you can find a suitable group pretty easily. There are groups like Computers Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Graphics, Games, and others.

This platform is useful to IT specialists and it helps them connect and interact with one another. It is full of blogs and tutorials which can serve each user. Also, the platform is designed so it can find an answer to a certain question as quickly as possible. 

Hash node

Hash node is defined as a gift from developers to developers. The Hash node users are better known as Nodes, and they interact on a daily basis. This platform also offers an option of posting a question and answering it, replying to other users, sharing ideas and links, and others. 

Forums for Particular Languages and Technologies

If you want to explore Java more, the perfect choices for you are The Café and Java Programming Forum. C and C++ are best discussed in the C Programming Forum. Apple discussions are mostly led on Apple Developer Forums. The Android enthusiasts can turn to Android Forums and App Futura. 

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