Leaving a Positive Impact on Your Community – Little but Significant Leaps for Humanity

The term ‘influencer’ has been used for the past several years, and it can have a positive and negative connotation depending on the context the people mention it. Influencers are people popular on digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and such, and they are meant to have an impact on the public opinion of their followers. The more followers they attract, the general public opinion will be more influenced by them. Although some influencers have become popular for their mere presence on social networks, there are the ones who film the acts of their talents and skills, and people decide to follow them for their qualifications, not for their popularity. There are some tips and tricks on how to have a positive impact on your community and how not to fall into traps that digital popularity can bring about. 

Focus on your skills and talents which you want to present

Think about all your skills and talents, and focus on one in particular.

If you are good at teaching, think about tutoring other people on the skills you would like more people to possess. If your passion is painting or drawing, start doing that each day. If you like to spend your pastime gardening or growing different plants, explore what plants are most practical to be grown indoors and start with the simple ones. If you do what you are fond of, people will recognize true talent and emotion, and they will become your trusted fans and followers.

Think about the ways you can reach people

It does not apply only to social media, yet it is the fastest and the most practical way to reach people. After you establish your website, Facebook, or Instagram page, you can think about alternative ways to contact people who are not active online – leaving leaflets in their mailboxes, starting a conversation with them in the local supermarket, making some kind of a public performance at the central square, etc. Except for the work you do, people appreciate the way you communicate with them, so that is why it is important not to exclude more traditional ways of contacting them. 

Be present and be constant 

If you show people that you are persistent and thorough in transferring your ideas and presenting your skills, you will gain more and more trust. No matter whether it is about the Instagram stories and reels or simply a weekly performance in a public place, people will appreciate your attitude to the talents you maintain. Therefore, you will establish a reputation as a person with serious intentions. 

Address both the global and local issues and be a role model

Doing charity work or simply inviting people to join you in planting the trees in the local area will definitely add up to your reputation. From time to time, remind your fans about the importance of environmental sustainability, helping the poor, reaching to elderly and children with serious diseases, etc. Offer your followers the solutions to issues everyone has abandoned as irresolvable, and in that way, you will raise the level of optimism that all people seek. In that way, you will remind people that they are in full control of their lives and that they can actually change something for the better. 

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