A Technology-free Life – Mission Impossible?

Nowadays people cannot imagine their lives without technology and the Internet. Mobile and computer devices, apps, and social networks are always used during leisure time for chatting, shopping online, or having fun on sites similar to https://oddsbonussen.dk/. When people do not use any tech devices for even a short time, they feel disconnected from the world.

It should be emphasized that more and more people become addicted to living in the online world. Has dwelling in the online world become the new normality which once we were scared of? Should we rather call it an addiction and try to cure it by discarding it? One thing is for sure – people would react differently to the absence of technology. Here are the most likely reactions of different groups of people within a society without technology. 

How would people behave without technology?

Firstly, the majority of teenagers and younger adults who spend most of their time online would panic in the beginning. As a matter of fact, there would be a general feeling of fright to miss out on online events and news, and this group of people would find out they couldn’t focus on any activity for longer than five minutes. It would be like that for a while, but once their need for constant news and information feed got lower, they would learn how to be present at the moment, to participate more in the real world, and, eventually, to cut down on the habit of constantly staring into the screen. 

It would potentially be relaxing

Secondly, people who do not exaggerate at using the technology would slow down the data transfer and they would do their work in a more relaxed way. The constant updates of information, news, and emails, can cause a lot of stress if you are not able and prepared to follow them, so those who use technology for specific purposes would relax a bit. This group of people would mostly include people from 25-50 years of age, who actually can remember the time when everything functioned perfectly without technology. Occasionally, they would miss the efficacy of communication through technology. 

For some, it would work in their favor

Thirdly, those people who were forced to use technology to stay in touch with the real world, yet detest the very existence of it, would be thankful for its absence. Those people needed more time to adapt to it, and somehow developed the fear of using it and making certain mistakes that would cost them a lot. Therefore, they wouldn’t miss technology at all and would be the quickest at adapting to the world without technology. 

Mass media would not enjoy the technology outage, but it would maybe be better for us

Maybe the branch that would most suffer from the lack of technology is mass media. The absolute power of media and social networks depends on technology, and they would no longer have any influence on people. People wouldn’t be bombed every minute by suspicious information which might not be true, and they wouldn’t be manipulated as easily as they are today. As a result, there is a chance that people would find out that their minds could clear out junk information which only burdens and slows down the sobriety of thinking. 

To sum up, people would have hardships in communication without technology, yet it is only regarded as a matter of habit. After a while, they would get used to it and develop other means of mass communication which would replace technology. Psychology says that there are only five internal necessities without which we can’t live – food, water, sanctuary, breathing, and peace, and all other necessities are actually only habits.

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