Should You Learn Programming Via the Grasshopper App?

In case you haven’t heard of the Grasshopper app, it is an app that helps you learn coding through simple games and lessons. It is useful for beginners and it helps you get a hang of coding in JavaScript. It is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones. The app teaches you to code within a complex multi-level game. It is created in the form of a puzzle-style game adventure – you start with a beginner introduction and throughout the game, you make progress to deeper and more challenging topics and coding scenarios. Let’s see all the good and bad sides of it. 

What are the benefits of this app?

Gradual progress

The benefits of the Grasshopper app are numerous. The most important one is that it provides you with gradual progress. Once you download the app, the first thing you do is a mini-course with the title ‘What is Code?’ which introduces you to the very term and basic definition of coding. After you go through the initial mini-course, you dive into the lessons on JavaScript, which have the format of coding puzzles which you should solve. These puzzles are broken into progressive units which help you build your skills step by step. These puzzles are important in the sense that you learn the tactics by which JavaScript functions. 

It offers help when you get stuck

The second benefit of the Grasshopper app is that it offers you help once you get stuck with the puzzles. It directs you to the forum where you can ask for help, and that is yet another insight into the world of coding – a collaboration with other colleagues is one of the key factors. You can either look for the problems and solutions which have been already discussed by other users, or you can simply post a question and wait for the answer. 


Another benefit of the app is that you have to complete the quiz after each unit. It is practical to see how much you remember from the units and to see what your weak points are as a programmer. The quizzes are a nice way to help you improve your critical thinking and self-assessment. The app returns you to the beginning of the quiz if you do not obtain the necessary results, and once you do it, you can proceed to the next level. This is a nice illustration of what happens when you have to tackle the real problem which needs fixing and a trial-and-error approach. 

The look of the app

As far as visuals and sounds are concerned, the colour palette reminds one of Google, with green and blue shades which are dominant. The backgrounds of all units seem to be clean and clear, and the animations seem to be funny and entertaining. The sound effects are put to a minimum in order to give you the impression of pursuing a career as a programmer. Programmers usually do solitary work, and mostly complete the tasks in silence. The silence also enhances concentration, productivity, logical and critical thinking, which is essential in the world of programming. 

Does it have any disadvantages?

There are a few shortcomings when it comes to the Grasshopper app. If you use the app on your phone, the visible code may appear hard to follow at some point. The rotational screen on small devices breaks the code into multiple lines, which can be tricky. This can result in miscomprehension of certain codes which can be challenging for beginners. The solution for these hardships is to always do the coding on a landscape-oriented screen or on a computer.  On the computer, the code is strung out in long strings. 

Finally, the Grasshopper app is a wonderful starting point for programming beginners . It makes coding fun and approachable with visuals that are easy on your eyes. 

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