The Pursuit of Happiness – What is holding us back?

The subject of happiness has been discussed more than ever since global events definitely influence the state of people’s moods and behaviour. The coronavirus has left effects on almost all aspects of our lives, and the majority of people have found themselves stuck in their depression and problems. In the Scandinavian countries, there has been a suggestion for an introduction of a school subject called happiness, and a high percentage of students affirmed that they would be eager to attend it. Do we need to think about what makes us happier in times of historical and economic crises? Do happy people have a habit of constantly pondering on what makes them happy actually? Here are the key factors which can lower the general happiness level among people worldwide. 

Less physical activity

The past two years made us less physically active than ever. Since we have been spending more time at our homes, our bodies have become more static, which definitely has made an impact on our physical fitness. Scientists define the feeling of happiness as the reaction and combination of certain hormones in our body, that is to say, serotonin, adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine, and one of the best ways to activate them is through physical activity. Moreover, we are prone to take in more food, which directs our blood circulation to the stomach, and that makes us passive, sleepy, and less ready to move. 

Social distancing

No man is an island, and the past corona period has estranged us from family, relatives, and friends. The fact that we have less physical contact with other people made us unprepared for any social encounter, which was actually beneficial for our general mental health and the feeling of belonging to a community. Psychologists and psychiatrists claim that when people see that they are not alone is a part of the solution to all of their problems. With social distancing, the general feeling of loneliness has been present more than ever. 

Spending more time on computers and mobile devices

This is obvious since the major contact we have with other people was through technology and the Internet. People happen to do that not only for personal reasons but also for the reasons of work the branches of which have experienced the dislocation to an online world. The psychologists warn about the difficulties the use of technologies bring about: it causes a shorter span of attention and focus; the time spent on the online world seems to go faster than usual; the chemical reactions in our body which emerge while we overuse digital technology cause more anxiety, aggressiveness, and impatience in contact with other people. 

The global economic inflation

The general stress has been caused by the rise of the prices, the loss of jobs, and organizing the finances on bills, basic products and services and excluding the ones which aren’t necessary but can add up to your satisfaction to a large extent. When changing your habits in order to adapt to your lower-income, it can be a real hardship as you have to waive the things you love. In other words, it is not the money that should have an impact on your pursuit of happiness, but the very situation where you have to adapt to worse conditions than you are used to. Therefore, it is definitely harder to get used to worse circumstances than to get used to better ones. 

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