The Programming Languages Which Make Coding Easy

Today, there are hundreds of different programming languages that complete the necessary actions required by programmers. A programmer can master more than one programming language and it all depends on the preferences he or she has in the programming domain. Taking into consideration that you want to learn to program but do not want to cope with more complex programming languages, below there is a list of the easiest programming languages to learn, their features, and the opportunities they provide while coding. Before tackling this list, try to make a plan on what is crucial to you as far as programming is concerned. 


Python has been put at the top of the list since it has the status of the most prevalent programming language which is used today. As far as its popularity is concerned, it comes to fourth place among programmers, and it appears that the demand for it is rising each day. On the other hand, other programming languages are experiencing a decline in use. It is used for general purposes, and it is simple for its similarity with English, and therefore easy to read and understand. Another advantage of it is that there are numerous resources online that you can consult when needed, and it has established a strong active online community that can help you with any issues. 


Ruby is pretty similar to Python, and its syntax reminds one of Python’s. It is exceptional for its ability to be adapted to multiple styles of programming, even object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming. Ruby can be a nice add-up to Python, as it won’t require much effort from you due to its similarities to Python. It is also pretty flexible, and the programmers can change the fundamental elements of it in order to suit their approach to programming. The perfect examples of its flexibility are mathematical operators – if you prefer spelling them out to writing down their symbols, you can determine that in Ruby. 


This is yet another programming language for general purposes, and the advantage of it is that its tutorials, courses, and various resources are available online. Java is also used for creating security apps, mobile apps, and mobile operating systems, and it is usually the programming language that can be taught from the early stage of expertise. Due to its simple syntax, it is beginner-friendly, and it leaves little room for deviations. It is object-oriented, class-based language, and practical in the sense that it can function across the environments – write once, and you can run it anywhere. 


Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a programming language that makes the Internet. It is used both for web development and mobile apps, and that is why it is praised a lot by both front-end and back-end developers. Nevertheless, it is also a good starting point for beginners and non-programmers. When coding with JavaScript, the results can be seen instantly without a compiler. Additionally, its online community is huge and helpful, as well as the libraries like React and JQuery. 


C is also a general-purpose language, and it was used to code the most commonly used apps and programs like Windows, Unix, Photoshop, and Tic-tac-toe. This is a programming language that programmers tend to learn before moving to the more complex ones, and its simplicity lies in the syntax with only 32 keywords. 

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