Should Programming Languages Be Taught at Schools? Yes, They Should

Education is a very large component of our lives, particularly when we are young. From preschool, elementary school, to high school and college, we spend most of our lives learning in an organized way. Schools are responsible for many of the things we know and plenty that we are unfamiliar with.

Schools have a duty to teach us about the world, how it works and its many nuances. Lately, a lot of the world has been running computers, smartphones and devices which execute code on a daily basis. Programming is an important skill which should be taught at almost every school and here is why.

Programming is the Future

We all use devices that run on code and that execute code just by being active. From when you press the power button, your device executes thousands of lines of code, just to boot, and not into the system. Operating any device executes code. That seems about as magical as the signals we send through our nerves when we do any motion in our body, from flexing our arm to throwing a ball.

Programming is the future of almost any industry. It will be necessary everywhere and most of our modern discoveries were either direct or indirect results of modern programming.

It is a Large Part of Society

Schools have a duty to explain how the world works. Most of the world is using smartphones and complex computers. As a society, understanding what drives us and what are our current cultural norms and standards is very important. Schools should help students understand the world around them.

Programming provides us with a window to that world, one that eventually ends with numbers and binary code. Playing a huge part as it is, programming should be a regular subject in schools.

Preparing for the Future

Having programming as a mandatory subject will help many children find career paths in the future. Not everybody is built to be an athlete or an artist. Some are more familiar with numbers and have a knack for writing code and understanding what a machine sees in your syntax. With programming, some children can be given a clear career path much earlier in their lives.

Programming is Fun

Imagine spending hours of your time to make something, something useful or entertaining. Programming can do that, if you know what you are doing. Not only does programming pay well, but it is also a fun activity.

It can be gruesome at times, when you cannot solve or debug a problem but in the end, when your code runs perfectly, it is worth it.

Schools have much to improve on and an easy way to start is to add programming as a mandatory class.

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