Keeping Our Planet Healthy – Do We Try Our Best?

The global issues have been addressed more than ever since climate change has been accelerated sooner than scientists predicted. More and more global topics have come into focus, like the state of ozone layers, the emission of harmful gases, deforestation, the pollution of the environment, the use of materials that cannot be recycled, and such. Does that indicate the fact that people are not aware of how much they are hurting the planet? In what way and to what extent are the environmentally aware people fighting for the planet’s prosperity and sustainability? Let’s find out what is actually happening. 

Extinction of many animal species

More and more animal species are on the verge of extinction, even the ones you couldn’t have imagined before. This explains many environmental issues, such as climate change, which deteriorates the natural conditions under which the animal species live; pollution, since many animal species wrongly digest plastics left in nature; deforestation, which causes the decrease of oxygen and green surfaces. It is not necessary to emphasize that all living beings are interconnected and that the extinction of some animal species can have a harmful impact on the human race. 

People are careless when it comes to the environment 

There is some research that coronavirus pandemics have slowed down the process of bad human attitudes towards nature since the majority of people have been spending more time at their homes. On the other hand, mass tourism after certain lockdowns has shown the carelessness of tourists who throw their masks wherever they want, the lack of tolerance and patience among people, and the exaggerated use of vehicles that emit toxic gases. It seems that nature enjoyed its time during lockdowns, yet it wasn’t for a long time. 

However, not everything is too dark

On the other hand, all of these issues provoked the appearance of individuals who call for a healthier and greener planet, as well as organizations who act upon a healthier environment. The Swedish girl who has been popular for her actions on saving the planet is young Greta Thunberg, who has been addressing the leading political world leaders to focus on global warming, coronavirus, pollution, as well as deforestation. She has supported many organizations fighting global issues and has been famous for her Friday protests, having crossed the Atlantic in a simple boat equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines. 

Solar energy

Also, the big technology companies are trying to develop products that will use solar energy as their main power source. People will be able to charge their phones with solar energy, to wear clothes that will use sunshine to produce energy, just like they use solar energy as their main heating system. Electric cars are also an example of how to cut down on gas emissions and reduce air pollution. 

All things considered, the acceleration of global issues has called for immediate actions. It is certain that people are acting carelessly more than ever, yet there haven’t been more individuals and organizations which are actually calling for a particular action. All the hope which stays is that the latter will prevail and that those who care will be influential enough to fight those who do not give a damn about our planet. 

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